The Parable of the Little Red Suit

April 25, 2007

The SuitOne day, not long after losing 4 dress sizes, in the pursuit to rebuild my professional wardrobe, I stumbled upon it. The red suit I had been eyeing for months to go on sale – in my brand new size! And at an amazingly discounted clearance price. I bought it immediately, but waited a few weeks to wear it because it didn’t fit exactly right.

Around that time, a friend called and invited me to a meeting. She’d give me something fabulous if I went. I hadn’t seen her in a long time, was bored, wanted the item she was offering, and went. Against my will and judgment, I found myself intrigued. I was sold on this amazing business opportunity without even thinking about it. All I needed was $100 to sign up, and my life could be changed in a year! To the tune of $100,000! Dreams seemed to be unfolding before my eyes. Before I could stop myself, I was scrambling for the $100 so I could sign up and have the life I always wanted.

On a side note, most of us have encountered this at some point. Someone promising us what seems like the world for just a little something up front. Our eyes get shiny and our pockets greedy, so we eagerly sign up until one day we realize it wasn’t for us. Which we could have realized before we spent our $100 if we’d thought about the fact that we don’t use that product or buy that service ourselves anyway. But that’s besides the point, right? Wrong. That is the point. You can never sell anything you’re not passionate about and be successful. But that’s only a part of my point. So, back to the story.

I tossed and turned all night, just like the recruiter said I would if this were the right opportunity for me. I woke up early and it hit me: the red suit would fit the bill. I’d bought it on sale for just almost exactly $100 and hadn’t worn it yet. Brilliant! I could return it and trade – for the business opportunity of a lifetime! Just moments later, the ideas came pouring. First, I was struck with the desire to start this blog as a way to market my business. I thought about the suit I was going to return to trade up for the chance at this business, the little red suit. LittleRedSuit was born. I registered this blog at lunch that day, bought the URL and was raring to go.

I returned the suit immediately, energized by the delightful metaphor the blog would immortalize – the idea of trading the little red suit for an incredible business opportunity.

One day later, it was time to sign the check. The business opportunity awaited. The recruiter assured me of the money and success at my fingertips, and asked why I’d waited even this long to sign up. I wondered and took a second to think about it. That’s when it hit me. It just wasn’t for me. I had no interest in the thing to be sold, no desire to be a part of the business at all. But something about it intrigued me. I thought. I realized the opportunity was what I wanted. Well, not just this particular opportunity, but just an opportunity. I almost joined up anyway, simply because I hated the thought of abandoning the idea of this blog. That I really wanted when I thought about it. That and the metaphor. The idea of trading up, it seemed so right on for everything in my life.

Then I realized it still is so right – not just for me, not just as a story for joining some “unique business opportunity” – but as a story and a purpose for taking that step, getting out there, and trading a few spare hours each week for something more important than whatever other meaningless thing I’d find to fill those hours. It’s taken me a few weeks to nail things down, to tailor my ideas while I try to make this all fit right, but I’m here for the ride and to preach the value of the trade and this LittleRedSuit I’ll be keeping. Stay tuned!


10 Responses to “The Parable of the Little Red Suit”

  1. Darlene Says:

    WOW! Your email to me sent me back to your blog to digg a little deeper. What an amazing story! What a timely story for me today of all days.

    First of all, I shouldn’t even be on your blog, because I have a job I am suppose to be doing, but I am not… Why? Too long to try to fit into this comment. In any case, your story helps me. I will probably re-read it and then go to my blog and write. There is SOMETHING about writing that soothes my soul, my mind, my heart… Thank you for sharing your story! It is a powerful story about the journey we are all on. My journey has caused me to pause for so many reasons this week, but mostly because I am truly searching for what the “right” thing is for me to do in my life. I could continue to do the job I am being paid to do at this moment or I can RISK yet again, and move forward into a whole new world. I believe I choose the later. Why? Because, one of my favorite quotes by Whoopi Goldberg from Sister Act2 says, “If every day when you wake up and all you can think about is singing, you’re suppose to be singing GIRL!”

    Well, I know what I wake up thinking about everyday and I am not doing it. And it is time I did. Thanks!! I shall return and you may even see me link back to your story as I explore how to write what is in my heart today!! Be Blessed!!

    Interview Guru

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