The world is never ready.

June 6, 2007

“The world is never ready
for the birth of a child.”
(From A Tale Begun by Wislawa Szymborska)

I heard this on the way home from work today on NPR and immediately thought about this blog. I feel I’m approaching things this way, in what may seem like laziness or uncertainty, but what is really a great and looming, potentially life-changing event or opportunity. Like the birth of a child. The poem may be about how a woman is never quite ready for a child to be born, and in some ways, perhaps that’s true of me and this blog, so expectant with the joy of what it could be and at the same time terrified that I’ll make a misstep, steer it in the wrong direction, and be left with something that could be so much more – were it not for me.

The difference is, in some ways, that I can choose when it will be birthed, the rate at which it will develop, and exactly what its direction will be, unlike the processes of nature and nurture and fate in the motherhood/childrearing process. This is a bit daunting, so as to be easily debilitating. And thus the silence of not being sure exactly what to say. Exactly what theme or topic or direction to pick.

Should I gear towards marketing or advertising or critical perspective? Should I focus writing on pop culture or television that interests me or abandon this to begin writing poetry again? Should I leave the idea of writing outside work altogether, buy a camera or piano, and dust off a long-forgotten, once-treasured hobby and leave it at that?

So that’s where I am. In the birthing process, the pains of it all, the uncertainty and frustration and panic. The world may never be ready for the birth of a child, and it isn’t really begging for any more blogs, as they almost outnumber people anyway, but I think I may be. At least this is getting interesting.


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