Freedom from Fear of Blogging Day

July 3, 2007

Today, July 2, is Freedom from Fear of Speaking Day – maybe not the most widely recognized holiday, but it seems like a great idea to me. I’ve been thinking and blogging lately about the issues of transparency, personal branding and blogging for professional advancement, so it comes at a perfect time for me.

A recent post by Penelope Trunk on web designer Cory Miller added a new thought into the mix. In and of itself, I believe it’s a huge question for most bloggers whether to present all of yourself or just your ideas when you blog.

But Penelope’s post brought the questions to a deeper level for me. It was not simply about Cory the amazing web designer. She went on to discuss her interaction with him as a Christian and how him living that aspect of his life out made her reflect on her personal religious views and life. A commenter noted that this conversation and post truly did illustrate “intersection of work and life” – the focus of her blog. Reading this exchange made me stop to consider some of the questions I’ve been mulling recently in a new light. You see, I am a Christian too.

In the process of developing this blog, I have been passionate about sharing my ideas and insights and exploring new relationships and conversations. I look at how many prominent bloggers have become successful and realize that it is about more than simply great ideas.

Relationships are at the heart of the matter in blogging, too. You truly can’t get anywhere just by writing good content and having good ideas. You have to build good relationships – not just through links and networks, but also personally, with the people behind the blogs, as I’ve learned this week as I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with some other exciting bloggers. Their ideas, insights, and the offered opportunities have pushed me and my ideas further and in a shorter time than I ever thought possible. The idea that some of these people whose ideas I’ve been reading and admiring from afar for months now would take the time to talk to me or build a relationship with me is so incredible. Relationships. Well, that’s what it’s all really about, isn’t it – work, life, and everything in between. So I decided, why not at least let the people I’m building a relationship know a little more about me and what makes me tick?

Imagine my surprise when I read a little more about Cory and realized we live in the same town and have many common contacts in our network. You see, it really is all about relationships, and apparently, sometimes in the virtual world, those relationships tie directly back into real life. And since ultimately, as a Christian, I am all about the relationship with my Savior, I’d like anyone who reads this blog to know that. So I’m putting it out there, and letting go of my fears – of blogging with full transparency and of being so personal in such a vulnerable medium. It turns out, as a blogger, openness may be more beneficial to embrace than to fear.


3 Responses to “Freedom from Fear of Blogging Day”

  1. Cory Miller Says:

    Tiffany, thanks for this! Ain’t the world small?

    Best wishes to you, holler if I can be of assistance!


  2. shwibbs Says:

    You need to have the right topic at the right time, with good marketing and a strong network for word-of-mouth.

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