The Secret of Personal Branding

July 17, 2007

Brands live and die by the stories they tell. Your personal brand is no different.


Seth Godin offers this tidbit of advice about marketing in a recent post: “The art of marketing is not finding more money to do more marketing. It’s figuring out how to tell a story that spreads with the resources you’ve got.”


Seth always offers great nuggets like these – that’s one reason he has the most popular marketing blog in the world. But the great thing about his advice is, it doesn’t just apply to businesses or organizations. Take his advice to heart for your career, and there’s a personal branding strategy to live by.


Marketing yourself – whether you’re searching for a new job, trying to advance in the one you’ve got, or developing a business idea so you don’t have to work for anyone else – ultimately boils down to how well you can tell your story and how far you can get it to spread.


6 Responses to “The Secret of Personal Branding”

  1. Dan Schawbel Says:

    Marketing, whether for business or personal use, comes down to storytelling. Taking a need, balancing it with a product or service and then benefits of providing that is what people look for.

  2. Part of Seth’s popularity is that he comes across as likable. Ramit Sethi is funny. Penelope Trunk is endearingly candid.

    When it comes to personal branding, I would suggest that being likable is far and away the most important part. The story will sink or swim depending on how much you care about the main character.


  3. Tiffany Says:

    I agree with your point that personality is tantamount in personal branding. That’s because relationships are key. I would say that personality is a part of telling your story. Who you are is part of the message you convey. Your personality (and whether you convey it well) is a part of your story.

    Storytelling is about more than pure ideas. A lot of people write down great ideas that aren’t really great stories. Great storytellers are engaging, they’re endearing, they’re personal. They’re not just people with great ideas who can talk about them. That’s not true storytelling. Storytelling, to me, is more dynamic because it includes who you are.

  4. Very good point. I think we’re agreed.

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