Five Great Tools for Busy People (and Bloggers)

July 20, 2007

In my continual quest to get more things done, I love using and sharing new tools that help me do it. Here are some links to a few great tools I really enjoy.  

1. TaDa Lists. Thanks to Bryan Person for this tip. Access, write and share to-do lists at this site from the wonderful people at 37signals. You can even get an RSS feed to lists if you share them and want updates. Simple, easy and free.


2. Backpack. I discovered this when I visited TaDa Lists. It’s to do lists and more. You can make up to five pages for free and post notes, links, to-do lists and other cool things there. You can pay to access more capabilities. This is a great place to capture all my blog post ideas so I don’t have to e-mail them to myself or log into my account and write drafts or quick ideas I want to elaborate on later. It’s a true lifesaver so far. Plus, with a name like Backpack, I can’t stop talking it.


3. Jott. A really cool site that lets you set up a free account so you can call a toll-free number and get your short message transcribed and e-mailed – to yourself or other people. Great for the blog-post-strikes-during-the-commute moments.


4. Five Sentences. An initiative to limit e-mails to a max of five sentences to help everyone you communicate with have more time to get things done. This one will be tough for me, because I’m a talker, but it will be a great challenge! Read more on LifeHacker’s post about this tool.


5. Google tools. What can I say. There are lots of great applications that are shareable, searchable, and available anywhere I can get online. I love gmail, Google docs, Google calendars and all the great tools they offer. If I didn’t have Outlook at work, I’d probably use them even more.


I’m sure these aren’t the only cool, easy-to-use tools that help us organize our busy, wired lives. Let me know what you think I missed in the comments below!  


8 Responses to “Five Great Tools for Busy People (and Bloggers)”

  1. Tiffany:

    I’m a big fan of Jott, too. I typically use it to Jott myself to-dos while I’m commuting, and to send short messages to others without having to call up them up for a full-on conversation.

    Plus, when you’re looking for a good laugh, have your Jotts transcribed. Today, the words “Wall Street” mysteriously worked their way into a transcription of one of my Jotts, and “amusing results” became “amazing results.” Good fun!

  2. […] Five Great Tools for Busy People (and Bloggers) « Little Red Suit Tiffany mentions me and TaDa Lists in this post that recommends five online tools that she uses. I comment about how I use Jott. (tags: commented tools Jott) […]

  3. Joselle Says:

    I sometimes think the internet has given me adult-onset ADD. The more tools and tips I use, the more ways I find to procrastinate (like I’m doing right now!).

    I like the 5 sentence e-mail intiative, though. Especially for work. I try to condense my e-mails and create clear subject lines. And before responding to e-mails with subject lines that are nonexistent or overly general, I change them so I can easily file and locate them if need be.

  4. Tibbie Says:

    Most help articles on the web are iacncurtae or incoherent. Not this!

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