Grad School 101: An Inside Take on the Great Grad School Debate

July 26, 2007

There’s a lot of talk lately on the topic of grad school. There’s outcry against itThere’s advocacy for itThere’s confusion on the part of students and professionals. Universities throw their two cents into the mix. There’s a lot of information and opinion flying around.


It’s great that people are talking frankly about this because it’s something students – and professionals, for that matter – need to consider fully. It’s a difficult challenge to figure out what to do after college. It’s also difficult to see the value of grad school if you’re doing fine in your career. 


Too many people leap into a master’s program out of frustration with their job search or fear of leaving the college world. On the other hand, many people pass it off as a waste of time or money without fully considering the benefits of an advanced degree. This series on the great grad school debate will uncover myths and truths about grad school, tips for grad school success, alternatives to grad school, and more.


As a full-time professional and full-time grad student for the past two years, these issues and questions have been something I have wrestled with a lot. I’ve had the opportunity to mentor interns and talk to them about the benefits and drawbacks of taking the grad-school-only path post undergrad. I’ve witnessed the struggles of my fellow grad students trying to break into the professional world with an advanced degree. I’ve listened to advice from my personal mentors on my own grad school journey. I’ve also seen grad school fulfill and inspire my peers and other professionals I admire.


So here it is. Get ready for an all holds-barred look at the great grad school debate – the pros, the cons, the issues, the opportunities, all of it – from the inside out. Welcome to Grad School 101.


2 Responses to “Grad School 101: An Inside Take on the Great Grad School Debate”

  1. Cool! I am looking forward to this series.

  2. Joselle Says:

    Tiffany, this sounds like a great series as going back to school is an idea that pops into my head on a regular basis. I’m also glad to hear that it seems you’ll be delving beyond the usual “grad school = waste of time and money” position that I often hear lately.

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