Stealing from a Baby – Three Life Lessons Grown Ups Shouldn’t Ignore

August 7, 2007

It was a long day at work. Then, I got home and babysat my best friend’s daughter for three hours. I got virtually nothing checked off the to do list. I had hoped to get a lot more done than playing blocks and reading the same book over and over with a one year old. But after her fast-asleep, played-tired self had been picked up by mom and dad, I decided I’d accomplished a lot more than I’d thought.

Taking the time out of my day to hang out with a kid forced me to remember some important things that are easy for all us adult types to forget. But they’re vital for us to remember – or else we’ll reach burn out point hard and fast. So in light of my toy-filled evening, here are a few life lessons we should all take to heart.

1. Be curious. About everything. All the time. Always. Even if you’ve seen the same thing twenty times. Look at it in a new light. Talk about it in a new way. Realize even the same old things can be new again if you explore them with curiosity.

2. Play. Don’t go nonstop. Take a break. Don’t think too hard. Do something ridiculous. Dance, sing, let go of your stifled, grown-up self. Maybe even do a somersault.

3. Sleep. Don’t be afraid to conk out when you need to. Listen to your body and your moods, and go to sleep when you get cranky and obnoxious, for crying out loud! It will not only make you happier to be well rested, it will make you more creative.


5 Responses to “Stealing from a Baby – Three Life Lessons Grown Ups Shouldn’t Ignore”

  1. I always find that being around young children is rejuvenating for just these reasons!

  2. Chuck Says:

    I find it appropriate and almost poetic that you came into the situation laser focused on being productive with your to do list (something I do often), and then realized that sometimes you need to put the list away (as the child forced you to do).

    Lesson learned and executed in one fell swoop!

  3. Tiffany Says:

    @ Rebecca – I agree! The same is true even with youth. That’s one reason I love volunteering with teens. They force me to stay sharp but they keep me lively, too!

    @ Chuck – I felt exactly the same way. It’s nice when you can learn and glean from everything that’s going on around you – even if you don’t realize you’re learning at the time!

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