One More Damsel in Success

August 9, 2007

Here’s some news I’m very excited to share with all my readers: I was recently accepted as a member for the forum of fifty women at Damsels in Success and will be writing there once a month! So, please check out my first article there, leave a comment and read more from the other wonderful Damsels there! I’d also like extend a huge thanks to Damsel’s founder, Harleen Kahlon, for creating such an excellent resource for women and for the opportunity to contribute to it. Here’s an excerpt from my article. Enjoy!

Personal Branding in a New Media World – How Much Girly is Too Much?

In the new media age, the topic of personal branding is getting a lot of coverage. Articles, blogs, entire companies devoted to this term. I think we all essentially know what it means, (for those who don’t, read this). And those of us participating online know that our brands are important. So important, in fact, that some people are picking names for their children based on those with the best potential for a clean Google search. We get it.

But with all the fuss about personal branding, there’s a side of it that doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention. I’m talking about gender. Some of the biggest blogging communities in the world are full of woman bloggers. People are starting and sharing lists of the most prominent women bloggers. Women are supporting each other, sharing and talking about the world the way we see it. But all this brings up an interesting question, in my mind. Are we focusing too much on girl power and leaving our guy counterparts and half of a viable audience out of the mix by being too woman-centric?  

Read the rest at Damsels in Success!


6 Responses to “One More Damsel in Success”

  1. We do see the world as we are, all of us.

    It’s interesting that many women have embraced the opportunity to self promote, with trepidation. Almost like saying if we talk about us, what about them/the rest? This is not either/or, it’s “and/and”. When we celebrate and honor one group, we do to highlight it, not to take away from others.

    Respected leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith once told me and a whole group of women at Wharton that we should stop trying to carry everyone else along sometimes, take a deep breath, and think of ourselves.

    There are lots and lots of great people in the world — men and women of every age and cultural background. Focusing on one group or niche for a moment and for a topic is not to the exclusion of all others. The beauty of blogging is that it allows us to talk about many topics.

  2. Valeria,
    I agree with you very much. There are many beauties of blogging, and that is one of them. Another is forming relationships with very real people, and I think that in order to form real relationships, you have to share from your true self. Some of the most charged and debated topics in our new media world are transparency and authenticity, but those are the two things I seek most – not just online but just in general. As a woman, I believe that sharing as a woman at times is not only necessary, it’s relationship-building. And these relationships can be life changing, door opening and empowering.

    Thanks for sharing your insight. I look forward to continuing this and other conversations with you!

  3. Chuck Says:

    Congratulations. Being accepted into something like that is an honor that you richly deserve.

  4. Hurray for Damsels! 😉

  5. shwibbs Says:

    Congrats. I think that common characteristics or traits play into personal branding and networking, as you just found out.

  6. […] I’d even imagined it could. I was building relationships with great bloggers, getting some incredible opportunities, and things just seemed to […]

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