The W List Goes Viral – Help Promote Women Who Blog

August 9, 2007

Something called the W List was recently started by Valeria Maltoni to catalog the greatest women who blog. This list was picked up by Krishna De, who added some of her own favorite women bloggers, so I’ve decided to take up the call for the list to go viral and post it here, along with some recommendations of my own. So here are my contributions to the list. I’ve added them in alphabetical order to the list below.

Want to join the list?

Copy the list below in its entirety, and add the best women bloggers you know who are missing from it. Include yourself. Then, post this list on your site and encourage others to do the same!

The W List – Women Who Blog

45 Things by Anita Bruzzese

advergirl Leigh Householder

Back in Skinny Jeans by Stephanie Quilao

Biz Growth News by Krishna De

BlogWrite for CEOs Debbie Weil

Brand Sizzle Anne Simons

Branding & Marketing Chris Brown

Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk

CK’s Blog CK (Christina Kerley)

Communication Overtones Kami Huyse

Conscious Business by Anne Libby

Conversation Agent Valeria Maltoni

Corporate PR Elizabeth Albrycht

Customers Rock! Becky Carroll

Deborah Schultz by Deborah Schultz

Diva Marketing Blog Toby Bloomberg

Email Marketing Best Practices Tamara Gielen

Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim

eSoup by Sharon Sarmiento

Flooring The Consumer CB Whittemore

Forrester’s Marketing Blog Shar, Charlene, Chloe, Christine Elana, Laura and Lisa

Get Fresh Minds by Katie Konrath

Get Shouty by Katie Chatfield

Hey Marci by Marci Alboher

Inspired Business Growth by Wendy Piersall
J.T. O’Donnell Career Insights by J.T. O’Donnell

Kinetic Ideas Wendy Maynard

Learned on Women by Andrea Learned
Little Red Suit by Tiffany Monhollon

Liz Strauss at Successful Blog by Liz Strauss

Lorelle on WordPress by Lorelle VanFossen

Manage to Change by Ann Michael

Management Craft by Lisa Haneberg

Marketing Roadmaps Susan Getgood

Moda di Magno by Lori Magno

Modite by Rebecca Thorman

Narrative Assets by Karen Hegman

Presto Vivace Blog Alice Marshall

Productivity Goal by Carolyn Manning

Spare Change Nedra Kline Weinreich

Tech Kitten by Trisha Miller

That’s What She Said by Julie Elgar

The Blog Angel aka Claire Raikes

The Brand Dame by Lyn Chamberlin

The Copywriting Maven Roberta Rosenberg

The Engaging Brand by Anna Farmery

The Origin of Brands Laura Ries 

The Podcast Sisters by Krishna De, Anna Farmery and Heather Gorringe
Water Cooler Wisdom by Alexandra Levit

Wealth Strategy Secrets by Money Gym author and Founder Nicola Cairncross.

What’s Next Blog B L Ochman

Wiggly Wigglers authored by fellow Podcast Sister Heather Gorringe

Ypulse by Anastasia Goodstein


15 Responses to “The W List Goes Viral – Help Promote Women Who Blog”

  1. Krishna De Says:

    Tiffany – thanks for adding some great blogs – I look forward to seeing the list develop and grow and discovering further great blogs.

  2. […] As at 7.30 pm, the W list is going viral and Tiffany Monhollan of The Little Red Suit has added more great female bloggers to the W-list – find the latest update of the list here. […]

  3. Tiffany — great start as I did not know any of the blogs you added. I look forward to continuing the conversation with you as well as keeping track of the list as it grows. Thank you for joining in the effort to share.

  4. annafarmery Says:

    Just love this idea…love the idea of highlighting the great female talent out there….I am so honoured to be on the list!

  5. Toby Says:

    Tiffany – thanks for making the list ‘friendly.’ Appreciate you including me in this amazingly talented group of women. By the way I love your blog title!

  6. Anastasia Says:

    Wow! I’m very flattered to be included in your list. Thank you for raising awareness about all of the amazing female talent in “the blogosphere.”

    – Anastasia

  7. I’m honored to be included in this list and excited to see so many familiar faces — and new ones, as well! I look forward to getting to know everyone.

  8. Daniel Says:

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article poetry, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  9. Tiffany, thanks for mentioning Flooring The Consumer and the great additions. It’s an honor to be in such excellent company!

  10. beeproductive Says:

    I loved the idea behind the W-List but I wanted them to be organized so I took it upon myself. I added descriptions and categories to each posting.

  11. elysa Says:

    I loved the idea behind the W-List but I wanted them to be organized so I took it upon myself. I added descriptions and categories to each posting.

  12. Elysa,
    Thanks! It definitely helps to get some organization going. The effort is well worth it!

  13. It is a respecful idea to bring up a new strategy which is W list to the women bloggers to communicate with each other and to discuss and solve their problem.

    Armand Rousso

  14. […] into blogging, had become much more of a success than I’d even imagined it could. I was building relationships with great bloggers, getting some incredible opportunities, and things just seemed to […]

  15. ivyfair Says:

    Got to your website through Ask. You know I will be signing up to your feed.

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