Classic Reads: Edition the First

August 31, 2007

One of the things I love about new media is that it’s dynamic, ever-evolving and always offering up new content. New! Shiny! Reads! Every day! It’s an exciting world.

But just like with classic literature, there are so many pearls tucked away in the archives of blogs across the globe that still offer wisdom and insight today. And since Internet years are likened to dog years, anything more than a year old is pretty much ancient history. So this occasional feature will highlight some very solid, relevant reads around the blogosphere to dust off and enjoy.

  • Make a Story Out of Your Career – Penelope Trunk illustrates the power of storytelling in job interviews, on the job and through your career.

  • Make Something Happen – Seth Godin delivers one of my personal favorite motivational posts of all time. 

  • Getting To Done: Down With Piles – Keith Robinson at Lifehacker offers simple ways to de-pile your life.

  • A Poem for All of Us Bloggers – Guy Kawasaki points bloggers to a 1959 poem, “There Is No Indispensable Man.” A good thing to remember, and the poem is terrific.

  • The Blog TrinityTony Bloomberg at Diva Marketing shares her take on the core elements of blogging in no more than three words.


One Response to “Classic Reads: Edition the First”

  1. Toby Says:

    Thanks for reminding us that although blogs are dynamic content there are ‘evergreen classics’ that often are overlooked. Next time were reading a blog it would be fun to click into a past post.

    Thanks for your kind words (smile)

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