The Power of Attitude

September 8, 2007

What you think about and how you think about it matters.

Focusing on frustration is fruitless – it only makes you bog down in negativity.
Dwelling on injustices is depressing – it only makes you feel more abused.

Communication is what prepares the way for change.
Action is what moves you from a bad situation to a good one.

The difference between choosing to dwell on frustrations and choosing to communicate and act boils down to one thing. Your attitude. And no matter what anyone says, you’re the only one who can control that.

Your attitude will determine your thoughts which will determine your actions which will determine your opportunities which will determine your life.

Choose well.


13 Responses to “The Power of Attitude”

  1. elysa Says:

    one of my favorite quotes is “What you think about you bring about”

  2. Thanks for the quote, Elysa. How true!

  3. Short and sweet! I recently had a small professional rejection. A bit embarassed about it, I was letting it eat at me. I then decided to tell a friend. Just the process of communicating it to him managed to take a lot of the hurt out of the situation, and helped me put it in perspective. Movin’ on. Thanks for saying a lot in a little.

  4. Maureen,
    It’s so true – when you let things eat at you, it just gets worse. Perspective is so invaluable in helping you adjust your attitude.

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. adam Says:

    Speaking of frustration with communications, I have learned as “Director of Communications” for a large church in OKC, that “pro-activism” is the key to success; and not only success, but the “cure” for frustration. Being the Director of Communications, I am DAILY reminded, that being PROACTIVE is part of having the right attitude…

  6. Tiffany Says:

    Proactive is important – it helps you be more in control of your emotions and your attitude when you’re not always in response mode. Good point!

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  10. Very well said. Attitude is all that matters! The way you treat people will be the same way as life will treat you.

    Natalie Loopbaanadvies

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  13. […] with the correct attitude.  Start with the assumption that battle might be resolved to everybody’s profit.  […]

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