The Secret to Leadership

October 19, 2007

Tonight I shook this man’s hand. Let me say, hearing John Maxwell speak was truly an inspirational, life-changing experience. Every word he said felt like it was written just for me. And I’m sure I’m not the only one in the room who felt that way.

But to be in the presence of a leader of leaders is something I won’t soon forget. There are so many things he said, so much worth writing about. But it’s late, so I’ll share just this one thing. Perhaps one of the most powerful things anyone who wants to be a leader can ever hear, learn, do.

Add value to people.

Because people who add value become people with influence. And people with influence become world-class leaders.

Wherever you work, whoever you meet, whatever you do, go ahead. Add value.


4 Responses to “The Secret to Leadership”

  1. Working Girl Says:

    Sage advice! I just discovered your site—it’s great. I’ll be by again…..

  2. […] I’m going to be satisfied, I need to be doing something that’s not just challenging, but that adds value to people. Because as much cool stuff as we do, I don’t think we will ever be fully satisfied until we […]

  3. John Maxwell was one of the first leadership writers I really felt I resonated with. I’m glad you got to hear him speak. I’ve also been lucky enough to work for several leader/managers who “added value to me”… I think because I was willing to listen to them and take them up on what they had to offer… and then give something back to the organization. So… it is a 2 way street… and after you’ve worked in that kind of environment its almost impossible to work for or under someone who doesn’t add value to people… or should we say, value people 🙂

    – John

  4. Blabby Says:

    I love John C. Maxwell – especially his book Thinking for a Change. I guess our dad’s work together for the VA – my dad told me about your blog because your dad’s always talking about it. Nice compliment, I’d say 🙂 Keep up the great work – I’m happy to have found you.

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