Blogging. It’s a commentary on the things people care to write about, so of course, sometimes it intersects our lives. It’s a struggle, I imagine, for most everyone who puts their thoughts on public display to deal with linking “real” life to blog life. For me, it’s been interesting to see my audience grow and for members of my personal network to become fans of my blog. It’s great to have people I know and interact with read my blog. Especially since I see it as an extension of myself.

It’s also interesting, at times, like when my dad references a post I wrote in casual conversation like he did this weekend (as though he is referencing a one-to-one conversation we had personally rather than him reading something I wrote). It’s curious to have people introduce me to new people and mention my blog.

I enjoy it, but these things do make the reality and issues of blogging very dynamic. So, since I’ve thought about this a lot, I have a question for those of my readers who blog – who are you most nervous to have read your thoughts? Who haven’t you told about your blog? Who will you never tell? And for those who don’t blog, does it have anything to do with certain people discovering it? I’m curious to see what you think! You can leave a comment or feel free to vote in the online poll.

Who are you most nervous to have read your blog?

  • Me later on in life.
  • My co-workers.
  • My roomate.
  • First time visitors.
  • My parents.
  • My significant other.
  • My boss.
  • Prominent bloggers.
  • Personal friends.
  • Blog peers.

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