If it’s your first time to visit Little Red Suit, please feel free to explore the site, comment and subscribe to the RSS feed or e-mail subscription to get regular updates. Here are a few reading suggestions to get you rolling:

Thanks for visiting, and happy reading!


Contact me at tiffanymonhollon [at] gmail dot com


2 Responses to “First time here?”

  1. […] it’s your first time here, thanks for visiting. While you’re here, feel free to look around, comment and subscribe to […]

  2. Tiffany, very nice blog…just started reading, as got the link here from Penelope Trunk’s latest on the Brazen Careerist.

    I’ve been enjoying Anna Farmery’s blog & podcast at “The Engaging Brand” and have been blogging as I have a moment at Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/phyllostachys.

    I think that perhaps many men might see “little red suit” and run the other way…but this information is really timeless wisdom set in today’s language. 😉

    Keep up the writing!


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