This series will take a look at the great grad school debate – the pros, the cons, the issues, the opportunities, all holds barred. It’s a fresh take on grad school from the inside out.

Part 1: An Inside Take on the Great Grad School Debate
Part 2: The Truth about the Top Six Grad School Myths
Part 3: A Story of Timing and the Value of Experience

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2 Responses to “Grad School 101”

  1. […] tuned for more on Grad School 101, and feel free to share your favorite grad school myths in the comments below. Posted in graduate […]

  2. […] As a generation, we job hop. Even as we enter the workforce, we wonder about a career change, about grad school, about options. Waiting to discover yourself? It’s too passive. We won’t put up with it. We […]

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